Fillet of Ostrich With Nutmeg Creamed Spinach


Ingredients – (Serves two)
2 Ostrich Fillet Steaks
2 portions of Fresh Leaf Spinach, Grated Nutmeg,
2 tablespoons Double Cream,
Olive Oil and Seasoning
Prepare spinach for cooking and steam. Puree and add seasoning, grated nutmeg and cream. Reheat but do not boil.
One of the most delicious ways to cook Ostrich Fillet Steaks is to simply pan fry them.  Take a heavy based frying pan or cook on a hot griddle plate.  We recommend a good virgin olive oil,  liberal splash into the pan and heat the oil to smoking.

Season the steaks as they sit out, with rock salt and freshly ground black pepper.  For ourselves, we would always cook Ostrich fillet steaks rare or, at the most, medium rare, which will retain the tenderness and natural succulence of the fillet.   Being extremely low in fat content, the steak can be reduced to a dry, tough consistency if cooked for too long, which is criminal!!

Serve surrounded by creamed spinach, with sauté or lyonnaise potatoes to add some texture …..

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