Baked Wild Boar Steaks

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Ingredients – (Four Servings)
4 Thickly Sliced Loin Steaks
Grated Orange Rind
Pinch of Brown Sugar
Egg White
Salt, pepper and nutmeg


Mix together the breadcrumbs, sugar, orange rind, nutmeg, salt and pepper with the whisked egg white and enough wine to make a thick paste.
Place a small knob of butter onto each steak, and then wrap each steak in paste.
Bake them in a medium hot oven for 15 – 20 minutes.

That simple but delightful way to serve Wild Boar!  The paste seals in the juices and keeps the steaks moist, whilst turning quite crisp to contrast with the tender meat inside.

Bacon Wrapped Ostrich

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1 x 1kg Boneless Ostrich Joint

Thyme and Rosemary Leaves

10 Rashers of Rindless Streaky Bacon

(or thinly sliced Pancetta if available)

30 ml Virgin Olive Oil

1 medium onion, peeled and sliced

1 medium carrot, peeled and diced

1 medium leek, peeled and diced

30 ml Virgin Olive Oil

30 ml balsamic vinegar

150 ml full bodied red wine

300 ml beef stock

String or cocktail sticks


Season the joint with thyme and rosemary leaves and freshly ground black pepper, by pressing the edge of a sharp knife into the joint to create a little pocket and spearing the flesh with the herbs.

Wrap the joint with bacon or pancetta and secure with the cocktail sticks.  Drizzle with the olive oil, and placed in a roasting tray with the diced vegetables.

Roast on a high heat, say 230 degrees C for 15 minutes and they reduce the temperature to 200 degrees C and cook for a further 30 minutes.

Remove the meat when cooked, (hopefully it will still be pink in the centre) and allow to rest on the side.  Add the balsamic vinegar, winde and stock to the pan.  Strain to remove the vegetables and reduce in a clean pan until a coating consistency is achieved.  Slice the joint and pour the sauce over.

We thought this went particularly well with game chips and mashed winter vegetables, such as swede and carrots or sweet potato.

Cooking Instructions for Wagyu Beef Roasting Joints

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Interestingly, Wagyu Beef Fat is unlike other beef fats in that it is low in mono-unsaturates, which means that cooking your roasties around the joint can almost be guilt free !

There are a couple of basic rules to bear in mind with Wagyu – it does definitely benefit from being brought to room temperature before you cook it, and also from resting afterwards.   I recommend at least 20 minutes resting time, 30 for a large joint –  it might seem excessive but it really is worth it.   The meat relaxes away from the heat and the juiciness and tenderness is enhanced.

I also like to bring a heavy based pan to a decent temperature to sear the meat before popping it into the oven to roast.   Cook at about 180 degrees C for 15 minutes / lb or 30 minutes / kg for a rare result, increasing that time for medium or well done results.

There is no need to use foil for the roast – but you might like to season it with a little salt and pepper before you begin the cooking process.    Enjoy every mouth watering bite …. !

Welsh Wagyu Roasting Joint ready for the off !
Welsh Wagyu Roasting Joint ready for the off !


Christmas Food Recipes Cooking Tips Recipes

This year we have come up with some really deliciously different ideas for the Festive Season and have created a section called Christmas Dinner Ideas, where we have tried to split up your entertaining days and suggest some exciting concepts that we think will make your Christmas Entertaining special.

Just to give you a taster … we have some great alternatives to the Big Bird this year …. Our Stuffed Porcetta makes an amazing centrepiece.  And as ever, we are delighted to offer the Brisbourne Free Range Geese, averaging at 6kg in weight, plump, delicious and ever so traditional for Christmas Day …………

goose_tableCooked Suckling Pig Large










There are the usual delicious large roasting joints on offer this year – Venison, Wild Boar, Welsh Wagyu, Rose Veal to name a few.