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Special Offers

Special Offers


Monday Mailer Pic Roast

Each weekend we like to make a special offer available on our website and we send a mailshot we’ve called “Something for the Weekend” to let you know ….. If you sign up on the website you will receive this automatically.  We will also feature the offer here in our Taste Buds pages in case you miss it ……

Introducing this weeks!



A great opportunity to stock up your freezer

2 x 1.5kg Rose Veal Roasting Joints
Delivered fresh and individually packed

About Alternative Meats

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Bringing delicious, different and exciting meats to the plates of thousands, both in their homes and in restaurants is what Alternative Meats is all about. The company started from the passion of a dynamic duo, Rachel and Jeanette, who run and manage the company today. Their experience was in the British Ostrich Industry and this interest in an unusual meat has extended to a comprehensive range of Alternative Meats for you to enjoy.

Originally, the girls specialised in British Ostrich Meat, and British Wild Game, taking birds from local shoots in Shropshire and Cheshire.  Their range has greatly increased and continues to grow on demand from customers seeking out more and more unusual products. The exotic product list now has now been extended and molded into a Deliciously Different British Range, which includes Rose Veal from Cumbria, Welsh Wagyu Beef from Montgomeryshire, Kid Goat from Cheshire, Wild Boar from Scotland and Water Buffalo from Southern England.

Where possible, products are sourced from within the British Isles, but due to repeated requests for even more exotic products, Alternative Meats such as Crocodile, Buffalo, Kangaroo, Kudu, Springbok, Blesbok and Zebra have now been sourced from overseas.

The girls now have a team that works from purpose built premises on the Shropshire/Cheshire border and they ship their products nationwide on a daily basis.  They supply to many celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa Butchery and Restaurant, and three of Tom Aikens Restaurants in London, and have also made several appearances on television and radio themselves.

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Rose Veal Stifado

Rose Veal Stifado


Greek Stifado with Veal

Another dish to be featured at the Taste Workshop at Ludlow, this is a great way of feeding a lot of people very economically and easily.    Superb served with crusty fresh bread or rice, or you can add new potatoes and vegetables as side dishes.  I have adapted a few different versions of this recipe to make one that we use with our Veal, which has proved a family favourite for many years now. Continue reading